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FIFA introduces new FIFA quality marks for footballs

As part of FIFA’s ongoing commitment to ensure optimum competition conditions at every level of the game, FIFA has enhanced its Quality Programme for Footballs with the introduction of new quality marks.

All new officially certified footballs can carry one of three new FIFA quality marks:

FIFA Quality PRO (formerly known as FIFA Approved)
FIFA Quality
(formerly known as FIFA Inspected)
IMS – International Match Standard

The new FIFA quality marks for footballs will standardise the marks across all areas of the FIFA Quality Programme (football turf, goal-line technology and footballs), while simultaneously increasing awareness of FIFA’s continued commitment to safety, quality and reliability.

The FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs focuses on the ball – the very heart of the game. Only balls that have passed a rigorous testing procedure are awarded one of the prestigious FIFA quality labels.

Under Law 2 of the Laws of the Game, all balls used in international matches organised by FIFA or the confederations have to bear either a FIFA quality mark (FIFA QUALITY PRO or FIFA QUALITY) or the “IMS – International Match Standard” mark.

These logos indicate that a ball has been officially tested and found to be in compliance with specific technical requirements, different for each logo and additional to the minimum specifications stipulated in Law 2. The list of additional requirements specific to each of the logos must be approved by The International Football Association Board. The institutes that conduct the tests are subject to the approval of FIFA.

Member association competitions may also require the use of balls bearing one of these three logos.

The FIFA Quality Programme offers an internationally recognised and dependable industry standard in the areas where it matters most: equipment, playing surface, technology and services. Only footballs that have passed rigorous tests are awarded the prestigious FIFA quality labels.

In order to carry any of the new FIFA quality marks, footballs must qualify for the latest quality standards as per the Testing Manual for the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs, passing tests of even greater stringency, including reductions in water uptake across all quality levels, as well as a shape-and-size-retention test.

Further information on the FIFA Quality Programme, including details of applicable tests and how to become a licensee, can be found on FIFA’s website.

The Laws of the Game will be amended accordingly to allow for the new FIFA quality marks.

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