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Personal coach adidas micoach Pacer Bundle

Brand: Adidas
Product Code: Q00145
1 - 2 Weeks
Price R1,799.00

If you want to train smart, the Adidas MiCoach Pacer bundle with heart rate monitor is the way to go because it tracks your fitness stats to help you reach your performance goals.

You get an impressive 98% accuracy with the stride sensor monitoring your distance, pace and stride rate, keeping you updated with real-time audible coaching.

Using colour zones, the Pacer let's you know how you can improve.

With just a push of a button, you can stay informed on calories burned, distance, pace, heart rate and time.

It can be used with almost every MP3 player (although you don't need one for it to work), so you can jam to tunes as you train and keep on top of your fitness your way.

- Workout results are synced to adidas.com/miCoach to make them easily accessible

Size: 56mm x 41mm x 16.75mm
Weight: 22.9 grams
Attachment Method: Clips to workout apparel or MP3 holder via clip on back of unit
Audio Interface: 1/8” stereo headphone jacks (TRS connector)
Power: Rechargeable 125mAh lithium polymer battery
Battery Life: 10 Hours
Workout Time: 10 Hours
Charge Time via USB: 3 Hours
Sensor Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol to Heart Rate Monitor and Stride Sensor
RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Sensor Communication Range: < 2.5m
PC Connection: 1/8” TRS to USB series “A” connection (cord included)
Operating Temp: -15 to +40°C

Ref Size: 63mm x 38mm x 10.5mm
Weight: 19.5 grams (no strap)
Power: User-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life: > 1000 hours active life (2.8 years @ 1 hr/day usage at 20°C)
Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol
Operating Temp: 0 to +40°C
RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Communication Range: < 2.5m
Water Resistance: 1m
Measuring Range: 15 to 240 BPM

Ref In-Shoe Size: 34mm x 23mm x 8mm
Total In-Shoe Weight: < 8 grams (including battery)
Ref Size with Shoe Clip: 45mm x 29mm x 13mm
Total Weight with Clip: < 9 grams (including battery)
Attachment Method: Attached to shoe using one-piece clip or placed in the midsole cavity of adidas compatible footwear
Speed Range: 36 km/hr to 19.8 km/hr (2.2 mph to 12.3 mph)
Power: User-replaceable CR2032 lithium battery
Battery Life: > 5 months (at 20°C), extreme cold can affect battery life
Operating Temp: 0° to +40°C
Communication Link: ANT+™ protocol
RF Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Communication Range: < 2.5m
Sensor Technology: Dynastream Technology
Calibrated Speed/Distance Accuracy: Run 97%
Uncalibrated Speed/Distance Accuracy: Run 95%

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