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official printing

Step by step video guide on how to order Official Printing online from www.prosoccer.co.za

Printing - Introduction

Pro Soccer SA have are the Official Premier League Printers in South Africa and offers one of the most professional and reliable shirt printing services available anywhere in the continent. Our team has handled thousands of different name & number styles in various materials and with differing application processes. It is this knowledge and experience acquired that has allowed us to achieve a reputation for authenticity and accuracy unparalleled in the industry.


Some shirts can be printed with the official name & number of a player of your choice. Select from the 'Hero Shirts Section' within your team's category to choose the team player and official squad number. 


With some shirts we offer more than one style of printing, so please be sure to select your preferred style. In addition, we often offer optional sleeve patches and sponsors as add-on options which can also be added through the check out process.


In instances when we are able to offer personal name and number with a shirt a text entry box appears. After selecting your size and any sleeve patch option, simply type the name, exactly as you wish it to appear on the back of the shirt, followed by the number, exactly as you wish it to appear in the personalization box.

Have your own shirt that needs printing?

There are two options when ordering through our online Print Shop....1) Self Press...or...2) Pro Soccer Press

1) Self Press:
Order the correct letters, numbers and badges through our online print shop. Select your preferred shipping method and continue the checkout process. We will send the letters, numbers and badges loose and ship it to you so that you can arrange them to be pressed onto your shirts.

2) Pro Soccer Press (A or B):

(Option A): Order the correct letters, numbers and badges through our online print shop. Select collect and continue to the checkout process. You will then need to arrange your shirt/s to be dropped off by us and collected again once the printing has been completed.

(Option B): Order the correct letters, numbers and badges through our online print shop. Select your preferred shipping method and continue to the checkout process. You will then need to arrange your shirt/s to be dropped off by us or shipped to us. Once the printing has been completed we will dispatch your customised shirt to you using the shipping method that you paid for.

We highly recommend using Pro Soccer to press your shirts as we are specialized in Official Premier League Printing and have been doing it for more than 12 years. However if you have a pressing company whom you are confident in pressing for you then it is your choice.

Please note that we only press on official shirts, new or if not new, then must be washed and clean. Customers sending their shirts to us for printing are liable for their own shirts. We will also send washing care instructions together with your printed shirts.  

For Official Premier League printing, depending on the shirt size, we can only print names that have less than 10 letters. Names that have 10 to 15 letters will need to select Generic or Club printing. We do not print names that have more than 12 letters.

Visit our Official Premier League Print Shop...


Generic Print vs. Official Print

We are proud to offer our “Generic” printing option with many jerseys for which official printing is either not available to us or as a less expensive option for our customers. In most cases the generic style is quite close to the official printing in font, color, texture and size to the official name and number, with the largest difference often being the lack of the club or federation crest at the base of the numbers.

Here are some viewing samples of our generic prints:




Official Badges:


The Printing Process

Step 1

Step 1

Your shirt is carefully placed over the plate of a heat-press and any creases or wrinkles are removed.

Step 2

Step 2

The name and number you've chosen is carefully positioned in accordance with the exact application instructions for your particular shirt. With 1000's of different styles available it is vital to have experienced staff on hand.

Step 3

Step 3

The correct time and temperature is selected in accordance with specifications and the upper heat plate is brought down onto the transfers to complete the printing process.

Step 4

Step 4

If you have ordered sleeve patches or any sponsors or other transfers these will be applied using the same process.

Step 5

Step 5

The backing is removed from the transfers and a quality check is performed to ensure your shirt is finished exactly as it should be. Your completed order is then passed on to our warehouse team for shipping.


Processing Time

The addition of printed items to an order adds on average 4-8 working days to an order, which may vary depending on the time of year or stock
availability. As always, if you have any questions about your order status or stock availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please Note

While we make every effort to detect what we perceive to be any errors in spelling or number selection for a given player, the final responsibility
for providing the correct information remains with the customer.

Please verify the spelling and number selection on any player names and number. 

Customers are liable for the care of the shirts once pressed to ensure the long lasting of the printing on the shirts. If the washing instructions are followed and the shirts well looked after there will be no issues with the printing. If you are unsure about these options or have any other questions concerning the ordering process please contact us.

Visit our online Print Shop by clicking on the icon below:

Visit our online Print Shop...